on_firesm.jpgI’ll use just about any occasion as an excuse to post some old Galaxie 500 tracks, and the release of Dean & Britta’s second full length album, Back Numbers, this past Tuesday, more that fits the bill.

Having retired the more overt Velvet Underground and Television references so frequently found on the Galaxie/Luna catalog, Wareham and Phillips have moved on to follow their shared muse in the form of both reinterpreting others work, as well as carving out their own urbanite pop niche.

But that is the here and now — let’s go back to 1989 and revisit Wareham’s first love, Galaxie 500’s second album On Fire.

Previously: My January post on Dean & Britta’s excellent cover of Lee Hazlewood and Ann-Margret’s “You Turned My Head Around” off 2007’s Back Numbers.

MP3: Galaxie 500 :: Blue Thunder
MP3: Galaxie 500 :: Isn’t It A Pity
(george harrison cover)
Amazon: Galaxie 500 – On Fire
Amazon: Dean & Britta – Back Numbers
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+ Dean & Britta Available via eMusic’s 25 free MP3 trial offer
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