I initially raved about Denmark’s Slaraffenland a little over a year ago when the group first released their excellent Jinkatawa ep on the Honningmand label. Comprised of only four songs, Jinkatawa was a clear and concise statement of controlled improvisation and experimentalist art rock.

Earlier this week I opened my mailbox, and to my surprise, found an advance of the groups new LP, Private Cinema, that is being released stateside on May 15th by Home Tapes. I’m thrilled to say it is as varied and bizarre as the EP I fell in love with last year. Check it.

Good news if you’re stateside: If you’re planning on going to Austin this year for SXSW, Slaraffenland is playing two shows, as well as dates in Arkansas and Colorado.

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MP3: Slaraffenland :: Polaroids
From the Jinkatawa ep
Slaraffenland :: Cockaigne
MP3: Slaraffenland :: Shuto-Uchi
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