lets-get-small.jpgBack in my Athens days, while attending the University of Georgia, I worked at a little record store in the middle of downtown on Clayton street. Of the many artists/albums I was turned onto via the staff and customers, the one that stands out most in my mind is the classic 1978 Steve Martin stand-up album Let’s Get Small. (edit: stevie wonder’s talking book is another strong contender for this “accolade”)

We must of listened to this LP fifty times — picking up on different nuances with every listen. This album, and it’s counterpart & follow-up, A Wild and Crazy Guy, single-handedly redefined the way I (and many others) looked at the medium of comedy. A true time capsule of mid-late seventies absurdist milieu, Martin’s conceptual comedic take on American (sub)culture and general bizarro demeanor are in full swing here, having yet to succumb to his toned down ’80s persona.

Download the below and begin to get small with el Steve circa 1976. May I mambo dogface in the banana patch?

From A Wild A Crazy Guy
MP3: Steve Martin :: Philosophy/Religion/College/Language
From Let’s Get Small
MP3: Steve Martin :: Vegas

Amazon: Steve Martin – Let’s Get Small
Amazon: Steve Martin – A Wild and Crazy Guy

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  1. I love Steve Martin, the man is a comical genius! This reminds me of a bluegrass album a friend recently turned me on to which features Steve and banjo virtuoso Tony Trischka. In addition to being one of the best comedians of his time, Steve is actually a smokin’ picker too. You can see them performing on Ellen here.

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