Alright, as I am sure some of you have noticed, the past week was rife with instances of the site being down, dead links, etc. We just switched over to a new host and (with a little luck) hope that will be the end of the downtimes, broken links, etc. If you do notice anything broken, or out of the ordinary, on the Drunkard, please hit us up via email so everything can get back to normal. Many thanks to Sean at Absolute Design for his technical prowess, response time, and execution.blogger-radio-aquarium-drunkard.gif

Tune in live to my Little Radio show this Wednesday, 2-4 PST, to welcome my special guest Robert Fischer from The Willard Grant Conspiracy. We will chit chat, play some sides, and Robert will lay down some tunes on his acoustic.

In other news, An Aquarium Drunkard has teamed up with AOL Radio for the next three weeks and you can listen free, 24/7 via their online radio player. In short, the Drunkard has a station on their blogger radio staion with every track hand selected. If you listen to Internet radio, you’ll want to give this a shot.

Also worth a listen: the Stones Throw podcast: James Brown: A Tribute by J Rocc, PB Wolf & Egon

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