So, unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Will Johnson and company will be making an appearance at SXSW this year; not under the guise of Centro-matic, or South San Gabriel, that is. If I am wrong about this, by all means, let me know. (Secret show?)

Last November, the band, via iTunes, released their 2006 Austin City Limits festival performance for download. This will have to tide us over until the band’s spring release of the Operation Motorcide EP (being released by Houston party Records). Speaking of future releases, anyone out there have some updated news on the rumored “Will Johnson/Patterson Hood” joint project? If so, drop it on the comments.

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Centro-matic :: Love You Just The Same
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3 Responses to “Centro-matic :: Live From Austin City Limits”

  1. saw centro-matic in athens in december and a little birdy told me that the plan for the next LP is to release a double album- one disc centro-matic, one disc south san gabriel. note that things can change quickly with the terribly prolific will johnson, so we’ll all have to just cross our fingers and wait to see if this truly happens…

  2. Good tunes! Not sure if you’ve mentioned it but there’s also a podcast available on Itunes from the 3/28/06 Centro-matic show in Athens.

  3. […] * Ended up on Operation Motorcide e.p. # On European release/ US Double Vinyl release of Fort Recovery —— Previously: Centro-matic :: Live From Austin City Limits […]

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