She’s your gray-haired granny from Gadsden, Alabama/You never see her cause she’s always in the slammer — She’s your hard-hearted mama from Apalachicola/Your daddy’s dead or at least that’s what she told ya’ — He’s your long lost daddy from Union, Mississippi/He’s been nelly since 1960 — She’s your morally challenged sister from Albany, Georgia/You never liked her but then you never porked her — You’re a reader of poems from Slidell, Louisiana/W.H. Auden wrote all your favorite stanzas – Vic Chesnutt

MP3: Vic Chesnutt :: Morally Challenged
Amazon: Brute – Co-balt ++

One Response to “W.H. Auden Wrote All Your Favorite Stanzas”

  1. I’m waiting for the day Chesnutt re-record’s Brute’s “Sewing Machine” the way he performs is solo, live. Oh the day what a glorious song.

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