My weekly Wednesday route to the Little Radio warehouse studio takes about 15 minutes from Los Feliz Blvd. I jump on the 5 south to the 10 east and get off on Alameda taking the first right on Long Beach avenue, where situated amongst a sea of warehouses boasting every kind of fruit and vegetable imaginable, sits Little Radio. Pretty typical.

This afternoon, though, was anything but typical. When I pulled in and walked into the Little Radio warehouse I was smacked across the face with the heavy blues jones of Dead Meadow coming out of the freight loading door. It sounded both incredible and completely out of place on a such a sunny, mid-week, day in downtown Los Angeles. Turned out the band was using the space to practice a bit before their upcoming gigs in the southwest before hitting SXSW next week.

I first caught these guys a few months ago at their New Years Eve show where they absolutely brought the house down with their brand of seventies, blues inspired, rock & roll. Unlike some other outfits that try and pull this off, Dead Meadow truly own it. I can’t wait to see them next week in Austin. I’ll leave it at that, and invite you to check out a couple of their tunes below, and of course a recommendation to seek out their Live show.

MP3: Dead Meadow :: Good Moanin’ (link fixed)
MP3: Dead Meadow :: Let’s Jump In (link fixed)
Video: Dead Meadow :: Everything’s Going On (live at Little Radio)
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+ Visit The Hype Machine for additional Dead Meadow MP3s
+ eMusic has Dead Meadow’s catalog available for free download

3 Responses to “Dead Meadow :: Owning It”

  1. Dead Meadow are rockin. They definitly “own” it. They were great at ArthurFest and were so inspiring and intense. … shrooms anyone?

  2. I saw them open for Fugazi (interestingly enough) about 5 years ago and they were pretty impressive then, although I just didn’t follow through, but I’ve been watching the subsequent reaction to their albums. This may be a good place to get on board.

  3. The track “Good Moanin'” is amazing. I found these guys by accident on myspace and have been hooked ever since, but I haven’t got a chance to see them live, and judging by their schedule I probably won’t. Love the page I’ve checking it every day for quite some time.

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