Panda Bear :: Person Pitch

pandabearsssssssss.jpgPanda Bear’s Person Pitch is one of the more interesting advance albums I have heard so far this year. Interesting and rewarding in the sense you can let it wash over your headphones time and again, catching something entirely new each time in the gauzy, narcotic headspace that exists within the LPs span of 45 minutes.

Imagine listening to Pet Sounds in a dream, a dream in mono, with your subconscious randomly filling in bits and pieces from the past 40 years of popular music. While Beach Boys references are certainly ad nauseam in the description of music, this album absolutely warrants such comparison. That, and healthy use of the adjective ‘psychedelic.’ Have a listen.

Panda Bear is Animal Collective’s Noah lennox. The album will be released via Paw Tracks March 20th.

Panda Bear :: Bros
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6 thoughts on “Panda Bear :: Person Pitch

  1. Yknow I’m really not at all a fan of Animal Collective, but I have to say that I really like this record. I was super skeptical, as I always am when anyone tries to ape the Beach Boys, but while this stuff is super-bizarre, they do a really nice job with melody and harmony. Your description of the album is great. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  2. I’m having way too much fun listening for the samples he’s used .. like for Good Girl/Carrots i totally dig how the song slides into adopting the groove off of “Devil’s Haircut”

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