As I mentioned last week, Gorilla vs, Bear posted some videos and MP3s from Grizzly Bear’s acoustic in-store appearance at Good Records in Dallas, TX.  Listening to the pared down versions has, again, made me re-visit 2006’s Yellow House which, while one of my favorite LPs of the year, would rank even higher in my list if I was to re-figure now.

Go visit GvB’s page via the below links for the goods. Below: check out the band’s re-interpretation of Yes’s “Owner of a Lonely Heart” and the acoustic version of “Knife” from their Dallas in-store.

Grizzly Bear :: Owner of a Lonely Heart (cover)
MP3: Grizzly Bear :: Knife (live @ good records)
Elsewhere: Gorilla vs. Bear acoustic videos at Good Records, Dallas, TX
Elsewhere: Gorilla vs. Bear acoustic audio MP3s at Good Records Dallas, TX
Amazon: Grizzly Bear – Yellow House ++

+ Visit The Hype Machine for additional Grizzly Bear MP3s
+ Download Grizzly Bear via eMusic’s 25 free MP3 offer

7 Responses to “Grizzly Bear :: Re-direction”

  1. […] MP3 Friday: Fourteenth Edition You know the drill: more free music for your Zune. Every Friday. Ready? Music (for Robots) post a few hours of MP3s from SXSW. I stopped counting at 20. . . Nice! As you may or may not know, I’m a big fan of covers, remixes, and mashups. This week, Aquarium Drunkard has an MP3 of Grizzly Bear’s covering Yes: Owner of a Lonely Heart. Continuing the fine tradition of independent hip hop, Busdriver has a track on YANP Asking “What would it sound like if Stephen Malkmus of Pavement had been raised on a steady diet of German techno?,” IRockCleveland has the answer: Alex Delivery. Get an MP3 here. RockInsider Jax has music from Land of Talk and Lo-Fi-Fnk Dujeous featuring John Legend featured at Different Kitchen. And the (cover) hits comin’: Stereogum has Marissa Nadler covering The Band (the band). Presenting his Friday favorites, You Can Take the Boy out of Brooklyn posts two MP3s from IdleWild Soul Sides’ Oliver Wang dips into the Private Reserve and posts music from Tami Terrell, Bobby Womac, and William D. Smith. And closing out this edition of MP3 Friday, 3Hive posts an MP3 by Martin Sexton Ok, enjoy the free music and have a great weekend everybody!  |  Saturday, March 10, 2007 12:52 AM  |  0 Comments Tags: MP3, Friday  […]

  2. i’m telling you, the KEXP “pared down” versions of GB’s tracks are better than that instore. I know the blog “smudge of ashen fluff” has a lot of them.

    ps. I didn’t see yellow house make your year end list
    am I crazy?

  3. here:

  4. Those shows are already legendary around Dallas – the quieter instore and then an apparently louder and rowdier electric show later that night. So mad that I missed them both…

  5. ahhh it was a “best of the rest” not in the top 10

    I see it now, easy to glance over

  6. yeah, good point. i should have noted that.

    i was also just now thinking it would be fun to do a “let’s revisit the top album of ’06” post , as the top 12 would be considerably different. four more months spent with the albums makes a big difference.

  7. Great band, really nice guys.

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