t-1.jpgThis is what we listened to a lot over the weekend. It’s a four song covers EP The Duke Spirit released digitally in Europa last November via Rough Trade. Travis at Medication turned me onto it (thanks).

From Rough Trade: “The Duke Spirit return with this Rough Trade digital exclusive featuring four cover versions: Desmond Dekker’s ‘007 (Shanty Town)’; Jessie Mae Hemphill’s ‘I’m So Glad’ and two Tracks by the 60s behemoth, Love. With aching female vocals (a la Mazzy Star and Nico), this is the most obvious pop moment of Duke Spirit’s career – it sounds like it would have been perfect on 4ad in the early 90’s. You need this.” Well, I’m sold. Dig.

MP3: The Duke Spirit :: 007 (shanytown)
MP3: The Duke Spirit :: A Message To A Pretty
Purchase: The Duke Spirit – Covered In Love
www.dukespirit.com ++ www.myspace.com/thedukespirit

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3 Responses to “The Duke Spirit :: Covered In Love”

  1. nice! duke spirit don’t get enough attention, even here in england. let’s hope the mazzy star direction works for them. works for me, anyway.

  2. Thanks for posting these songs. I’m a sucker for Love covers, especially those sung by female singers.

  3. i’ve never heard of these guys before. excellent post, dude.

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