The I Am Drinking Again EP was released via Domino records in 1998 and consists of two songs, on original, and one a cover of The Cranberries “Dreaming My Dreams.” I have never heard the Cranberries original, but have long loved Oldham’s cover off the EP. Anyone out there know the original; and is it similar?

Bonnie “Prince” Billy :: Dreaming My Dreams
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  1. […] Here’s a nice feature on the I Am Drinking Again EP by Bonnie “Prince” Billy. Download a song, courtesy of An Aquarium Drunkard: Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Dreaming My Dreams (MP3) […]

  2. I just recently bought “The Letting Go” and I have been listening to it on constant rotation. Thanks for this post – “Dreaming my Dreams” is awesome. I kind of remember the Cranberries’ version, but not well. But the BPB version is amazing, hands down.

    I also highly recommend The Last Town Chorus (myspace.com/thelasttownchorus) – the lead singer also plays lap steel and she does it like nobody I’ve seen. Saw them in Chicago recently …I just bought their new album and it’s sharing the stereo right now w/ Will.

  3. The Cranberries’ version is on the album “No Need to Argue” and is much gentler than Will’s song (besides being sung by a breathy Dolores O’Riordan rather than a rugged Bonnie Prince Billy!) Both have their charms and it would be a pity if one were deemed “better” than the other. They’re just different, is all.

  4. […] “i don’t want to hurt see my position was here i mean as it was, i was, so this lead to the downfall of man, i can make seconds feel hours, i make certain that my head is connected to my body, no hope? see, that’s what gives me guts, big fucking shit, right now, man.” Aside: Per the Tortoise/Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy collaboration on The Brave and The Bold, I thought it was a total and complete success. In fact, it’s about all I listened to the month of it’s release. It’s evident no boundaries existed while reinterpreting other artist’s work. Previously: Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy :: I Am Drinking Again EP […]

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