gillian.jpgYou may remember I featured Gillian Welch’s genre bending cover of Radiohead’s “Black Star” a couple of years ago while the Drunkard blog was still in it’s infancy. If you grabbed it back then, cheers, if not, this re-up is for you.

As a lover of both Radiohead’s The Bends, as well as Gillan Welch’s appalachian-styled folk musings, this cover floored me the first time I heard it. It’s marriage of Thom Yorke’s guitar laden lyrics set against Welch’s vocals, a style that seems as if it Rip-Van-Winkled out from under a 19th century Tennessee rock, works in a way you wouldn’t think it would, or could for that matter.

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MP3: Gillian Welch :: Black Star (cover)
MP3: Radiohead :: Black Star
Amazon: Radiohead – The Bends ++ ++ more mp3s

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5 Responses to “Gillian Welch :: Black Star (Radiohead Cover)”

  1. […] B. Aquarium Drunkard has Gillian Welch covering Radiohead HERE. […]

  2. Best. Cover. Ever.

  3. great! not to take anything away from gillian welch, but this confirms to me that despite all the buzzing and squealing in radiohead songs, thom yorke is fundamentally a great songwriter.

  4. never listened to ms. welch, but I caught her on a great Carter Family doc on PBS the other night; then happened to reread this post — seems meant to be. a very similar situation arose with the movie Performance and a subsequent post here a day or two later, come to think of it…

  5. love this. She’s a fantastic musician thanks!

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