poster_gonzales.jpgOddly, I stumbled upon the U.S. release of Gonzalez’s Solo Piano album, and Dustin O’Halloran’s 2000 album Piano Solos, within two days of one another. Funny how these things often happen. Serendipity, indeed.

I had received the Gonzalez CD (you may know him via his work with Feist) in the mail, listened to it four times in a row, raved about it to friends, listened to it some more, when, two days later, Mrs. A.D. catches Dustin O’Halloran (of Devics fame) doing a live piano set on Morning Becomes Eclectic in support of Piano Solos, Vol. II.

Both of these albums have proved to be a much needed breath of fresh air. Listening to, and taking in, their minimalist, sparse piano compositions is akin to a musical palette cleansing. The Gonzalez album, originally released in 2004, and only available as an import, is just now seeing it’s stateside release this week. The O’halloran discs are reportedly widely available at fine independent retailers near you.

Gonzalez :: Gogol
Gonzalez :: Manifesto

Dustin O’Halloran :: Opus #12
MP3: Dustin O’Halloran :: Opus #13
Amazon: Gonzalez – Solo Piano
Amazon: Dustin O’Halloran – Piano Solos

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2 Responses to “Gonzalez / O’Halloran :: Solo Piano”

  1. good post! i’ve been digging the Hauschka album lately — prepared piano, really beautiful stuff.

  2. […] 2) After touring for 2 years straight on the eponymous Let it Die, Leslie, Jamie Lidell, best friend Peaches and producing pianist Gonzales, crawled off the tour bus and into an old manor on the outskirts of Paris to make Feist’s second record. She chose the old place for its colorful stained glass windows, comfy couches and puppy dogs running around. Every morning she’d “slide down the banister” to join her band in the studio where they’d record songs live, straight to tape, often without headphones.A process virtually unheard of in today’s hyper-technological world of package sealed, robotic recording. But there’s something so powerful about revealing every quirk & quake in your voice–inviting strangers to know the shape of your voice box & date the last time you had a cigarette. Making records this way, capturing the song in its first moments of life, is as primal & raw as videotaping your kid take his first steps. 3)For being so completely cool. It’s easy to fall in love with beautiful girls that sing like angels (i.e. Corinne) but at the end of the day, boys want a girl whose really cool, way cooler than he is. Leslie is the type of artist you don’t just want to listen to, you want to hang out with. But not in a clingy groupie way, I’d really love to know what she’s like. On stage she’s so gracious and funny, self deprecating & sarcastic. When I grow up, I wanna be just like her. […]

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