So. Pardon my french, but White Denim proved to be the shit at this years SXSW. The were definitely one of the more talked up acts on everyone’s lips (along with bbq sauce) at night during dinner while comparing notes from the various day shows.

The momentum and buzz couldn’t happen at a better time for the group, as they are set to release their new 7″ entitled Let’s Talk About It.

Check out “Mess Your Hair Up” off the upcoming EP, along with the unreleased “Don’t Look That Way At It.”

White Denim :: Dark sided Computer Mouth
MP3: White Denim :: Don’t Look That Way At It

MP3: White Denim :: Shake Shake Shake
www.whitedenimmusic.com ++ www.myspace.com/bopenglish ++ more white denim mp3s

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2 Responses to “SXSW :: White Denim (New EP)”

  1. this is some loony ass kinetic rock! bring ’em to LA!

  2. We saw them the night before SXSW at EMO’s….my pants are still wet(that’s good). Best we saw at SXSW.

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