dylan.jpgI spent last night taking the alternate cut of D.A. Pennebaker’s career defining Dylan documentary Don’t Look Back, which is included in the – just released – Don’t Look Back deluxe DVD package. Entitled ’65 Revisited, the film is made up of outtakes from the 1965 tour through England that, in retrospect, coupled with his ’66 output and tour, proved to be a major turning point in Dylan’s career, both artistically and as a performer.

’65 Revisited allows Pennebaker to efficiently paint a parallel universe of the tour illuminating, what, in my opinion, constitutes a more lighthearted side of Dylan than how he was ultimately portrayed in the ’67 release of Don’t Look Back. This makes perfect sense as dark, brooding, characters, whether it be fiction, documentaries or “reality tv,” always make more compelling/interesting viewing.

While ’65 Revisited is certainly no substitute for Don’t Look Back, it is essential-ish for Dylan-philes, myself fully counted. The talent oozing out of the man during this fertile period is just mind boggling. Now, if we could only get a version of the film sans Joan Baez…..

Below: Here is an excuse to post one of my favorite tracks off of Dylan’s Bootleg Series, Vol I-III.

Bob Dylan :: Seven Curses
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4 Responses to “Bob Dylan :: Don’t Look Back (Deluxe DVD)”

  1. ha! nothing brings a great dylan experience down faster than joan baez. couldn’t agree more. i’m a huge fan of your blog. page


  3. I look forward to checking out this version. I have the original release VHS – which they declined to ever re-release!

    Its interesting to see how much Dylan altered his own public persona from the earliest interviews we have seen in 1963 to the somewhat shark-like presence appearing in this movie on the 1965 tour. It didn’t take long for him to develop that thick skin and claws that lets him tear at that weak little BBC acolyte who stumbles into his hotel room.

    I like Joan Baez in general, but some of the parts she appears in this movie are particularly grating. I have a feeling Pennebaker, at the time, had set his mind on her (as a hanger-on?) which is why he may have included scenes like: “Here comes the Nighhhhhhhhhhhht!” – Ugh, painful.

  4. […] The track in question, the traditional “Baby, Let Me Follow You Down,” originally arranged and released as a sparse folk song on Dylan’s 1962 eponymous debut, takes on an altogether new power here. Raucously backed by The Hawks, who would soon morph into The Band, Dylan leads the group through the standard with an almost venomous self confidence.  After hearing this, I never looked back. Previously: Bob Dylan :: Don’t Look Back (Deluxe DVD) Download: MP3: Bob Dylan :: Baby, Let Me Follow You Down – Video: Bob Dylan :: Like A Rolling Stone, Live 1966 Video: Bob Dylan :: Ballad Of A Thin Man, Live 1966 ——– Amazon: Bob Dylan – Bootleg Series Vol. 4 – Live, 1966 […]

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