Sixties French Freakbeat :: Now Hear These

batgirl4dl.jpgLast week in Austin I was often asked what I’ve been listening to lately. My reply was/is: this excellent, yet shitty sounding, bootleg compilation of vinyl rips of 1960s French Freakbeat tracks I happened upon about a year ago.

Unfortunately, that is about the extent of my knowledge of the recordings as little information was to be found scouring the net. Although, I did like Metroactive Music’s apt description: “A rare bootleg collection that explores mid 1960s mod-influenced psychedelia of French bands that were paying strict attention to their British brethren, most notably The Small Faces.” Anyone with an ear and appreciation for sixties garage will absolutely love this stuff.

And yes, the above photo is of batgirl, so you had better brace yo’self.

MP3: Le Bain Didonc :: 4 cheveux dans le vent
MP3: Les 5 Gentlemen :: LSD 25 Ou Les Metamorphoses De Margaret Steinway
MP3: Les Boots :: Laissez Briller Le Soleil
MP3: Les Capitals :: Nous On Chante

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15 thoughts on “Sixties French Freakbeat :: Now Hear These

  1. oh man, this is great — and here i thought i hated french music. Can you put the rest of the compilation up for download, or mail me a burned copy, or something?

  2. these tracks are amazing… could you post the rest or is there anyway i could get a copy?

  3. Hey- great great posts and awesome music- any chance you could kindly repost the first 4 songs from the part 1?
    That would be so awesome…this is such fun stuff…
    all the best!

  4. I concur. Please be to re-posting the first four tracks if possible. The others are so tasty! I’d like to hear more of this!

  5. Parts 2 and 3 are amazing – any chance of reposting the first 4 songs in Part 1 to complete the collection?


  6. 5 gentlemen were a band from the Corse island, but relocated to Marseille
    they released 6 eps, (the first one under the name of “les ambitieux”)
    and had some chart success (not a big hit but into the top 40) with the great “dis nous dylan” wich was also cutted in italian, and english, and covered by american band the sandals
    on the same ep (the “easiest” to find) there is one of their best tunes to my opinion, the one you put here “si tu reviens chez moi”

    in France the ep, is about 20€ in very good condition
    it’s not easy to find, but much more available than stuff by les boots or gyspsys, with are really hard to find!

    it’s also avalaible in cd , edited by magic with a good & clean remastering from the original tapes

  7. hie
    I’m a french man playing in the band les gypsys and I’m loocking for the psychegaelic cd compilation thanks for those who give me a hand to find it , to buy it ! best regards jean pierre

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