Have a copy of Dean & Britta’s latest? If not, and you’re interested in a copy of Back Numbers, leave a comment below listing your email address, favorite Luna song, and why. Winners will be chosen at random by the end of the week and contacted via email.

The four winners of the D&B album will be notified via email this afternoon. Thanks for all of your insightful comments. I loved reading them, and I am sure Dean and Britta did as well.

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25 Responses to “Dean And Britta :: Album Giveaway”

  1. qfsmayhem -at- hotmail dot com

    I’m going to go with “Lovedust,” because it was the first Luna song I ever heard. Romantica was released when I was a music director here at WQFS and I was really blown away by that song leading off that album. The chorus just soars and floats above everything for what seems like ages – ages that don’t last nearly long enough.

  2. For me it’s “23 Minutes in Brussels”. This tune encapsulates everything I love(d) about Luna: groove, melody, cryptic yet evocative lyrics and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope. Uh, sorry about that, I meant to write: “the way they took that which came before them as the starting point to exploring somewhere new”. (Glad I caught that.)

  3. Only Women Bleed – because I love a great cover.

  4. That’s easy: “Black Postcards.” This was the first song I heard from them and Dean totally had me at “lonely watching baseball. If I had to do it all again, I wouldn’t.” Great song!

  5. bobreich -at- gmail dot com

    I gots to go with “IHOP” off of Pup Tent!

    My reasons are lyrical. I just love some of the lyrics in this song. Including:

    “You stand accused
    Of smoking english cigarettes”
    “You ain’t no Cary Grant
    But then again, who is?”

    You dig?

  6. Either “Superfreaky Memories” from The Days Of Our Nights or their cover of “Season Of The Witch” on the I Shot Andy Warhol soundtrack.

    I guess I just cheated and named two songs.

  7. “Time to Quit” from Lunapark. Made me okay with Dean leaving Galaxie 500.

  8. rupe33 AT THE aol DOT com

    My favorite Luna song is “California (all the way)” from “Bewitched.” Shows the sense of humor of the band that I think a lot of folks missed. I especially like that the song inverts and it turns out the narrator is the guy she moved out to California for–and he can’t stand her.

    IHOP has a better opening line, though: “is there a doctor in the house/in the house of pancakes?”

  9. I can’t pick a favorite, it’d pronbably be off of Penthouse though, maybe 23 Minutes in Brussels… but right now I’ll go with their cover of Walk on the Wild Side, even Luna’s kazoo solos were great.

  10. “Sideshow By the Seashore” – Sharp and dreamy.

  11. “Chinatown” – dreamy and simple luna. I favor the live version from the 9:30 club. So many good recordings come out of that room. I usually have to listen to The Weakerthans “Reconstruction Site” (the entire cd) after “Penthouse.”

  12. “Indian Summer.” Yes, I know it’s a cover of a Beat Happening song, but it’s the first Luna song that I fell in love with. Dean Warehan’s voice makes the descriptions sharp and clear, but sweet.

    Second place, their cover of Serge Gainsborough’s “Bonnie and Clyde.” At least once a week I drive by a building that used to house a cafe where Bonnie Parker waitressed. The experience always starts the Luna version of the song playing in my head.

  13. this is hard. 23 Minutes in Brusels is the obvious choice. Tom Verlaine’s guitar work is special. Hell, all of Penthouse is hard to pass up. But…..

    Bonnie and Clyde- Cover, yes, I know— but how good is this hidden track on Penthouse? Especially fitting closer on a fine, fine album.
    Tiger Lily from Bewitched- How can you not sing along to that? Cross-eyed on the corner indeed.
    Slash Your Tires- Cause that is a sweet revenge, even if it is a dream…

    You should really have a vote on best Luna cover cause Sweet Child o’ Mine off of The Days of Our Nights is pretty great too…..

    What an awesome band. One of my favs for sure.

    Thanks for indulging us,


  14. My favorite would have to be “City Kitty” off of Pup Tent, with “IHOP” at a close second… There’s just something about the lyrics of “City Kitty” that I liked, It’s almost a visual experience for me. I remember when I first heard it, and I saw everything that went on… it was really cool.

  15. re: Comment 5…. my email is sorry

  16. The title song from “Bewitched.” It was the song me and my wife had our first dance to at our wedding. I will always remember it.

  17. My Top Five Luna Songs Today (which may change tomorrow), in Reverse Order:

    5) Freakin’ & Peakin’
    (That point at the 3 minute mark where the tempo picks up and the song hits a gear instrumentally – it still gets me)

    4) California (All the Way)
    (“I only want to watch the telly” – love that. Along with Tiger Lily, the best back to back playlist in the Luna catalogue)

    3) 23 Minutes in Brussels
    (“Are we going to get into a tussle?” – Yes, yes we are)

    2) Tiger Lily
    (So restrained, yet so primal, I always remember this as louder than it is. Plus see above)

    1) Dear Diary
    (The first Luna song I really loved, and still such a rocker. Great guitar work of course. As always, solid lyrically as well.)

  18. It’s tough to pick just one, but my Luna fave is “Tiger Lily.” Whether acoustic or electric, this song works at so many levels and reminds me of Luna’s greatness.

  19. Most definitely “Bonnie and Clyde (Clyde Barrow version)” off “Lunafied.” I’ve always been fascinated by the outlaws and the movie so I like the shout out.

  20. “Black Champagne” off Romantica

    Great vocals, Great Instrumentals, Great Everything when you get down to it

  21. The most perfect Luna song is their “Ride into the Sun” Velvet Underground cover on the Slide EP. VU played the original in a couple of different styles, one instrumental and one with words, but they’re both quick and chipper. VU’s instrumental version is pretty in an arty kind of way, but the sung version is just another fine VU song. In Luna’s hands, however, it acquires a slow, drawn-out momentum, with a clean-toned guitar building up slowly to a gorgeously energetic climax which nonetheless doesn’t feel out of place because of the ease of the build-up. Luna makes it a beautiful song by giving it room to breathe and easing up—in their perfectly characteristic way—on the Lou Reed’s original mania, without losing the energy. It exemplifies what Luna did best.

  22. “Tiger Lily” – When I was moving into the dorm my freshman year of college, my next door neighbor was playing this song, and it set my mind at ease that I’d be living close to someone that listened to music I liked. That song was pretty much the only comforting aspect of that day.

  23. Very partial to the Pup Tent album. I love IHOP, but my fave would have to be Beautiful View. Cool lyrics and I really dig that tremolo

  24. waiting on a friend, it’s hard to make a stones cover better than the original but they do it

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