folk-music-for-the-end-of.jpgAs previously reported, Yer Bird Records just released their excellent, newly compiled folk comp entitled, wait for it, Folk Music for the End of the World! How great — and fitting — is that title?

Even better than the comp’s title (not to mention the album artwork by Kathleen Lolly) is the compilations artist lineup; featuring all new and/or unreleased material from the likes of J. Tillman, O’death, Travel By Sea, Matthew Ryan, Paleo and a whole slew of others.

1. Paleo – Swimming in Money | 2. Chris Bathgate – A Flash of Light Followed By | 3. Alina Simone – Gunshots | 4. Chauchat – Smokin’ Paint | 5. Hayden – Message From London | 6. Allyn Latorre – On the Banks of the River | 7. J. Tillman – Barter Blues | 8. Oweihops – Sad Little Drunks | 9. Sarah White – Part of the Story | 10. Elephant Micah – Korean Sunset | 11. Nic Garcia – Torn Up in the Machine | 12. O’death – Angeline | 13. The Hotel Ghost – Lay Me Down | 14. Travel By Sea – Too Much Too Quickly | 15. The Gunshy – No One Remembers the Drunk | 16. Matthew Ryan – Gone For Good | 17. Hezekiah Jones – Mississippi Sea

MP3: Matthew Ryan :: Gone For Good
MP3: Travel By Sea :: Too Much Too Quickly
Purchase: Folk Music for the End of the World ++ travel by sea ++ j. tillman ++ o’death ++ matthew ryan ++ paleo

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Ryan Adams :: Banana Jam

Ryan Adams fanatics will no doubt have noticed the change to the artist’s website the past 24 hours. Now when one visits the site they are greeted by a steady stream of falling bananas, a bit of french, and a wordless, continous jam. Anyone know if this “song” has an official name? Until then, here is a rip of it — which I’m calling “Banana Jam”; dig that.

Update: Thanks to A.D. reader, “Newton,” the name of below track is entitled “21st Centrury War.”

Ryan Adams :: Banana Jam

6 Responses to “Folk Music for the End of the World…”

  1. The song is called “21st Century War” and was rarely played live before.

  2. This album in incredible. Every track stands out and after each listen I find myself drawn to another track that I can call my favorite! Great stuff.

  3. christmas ringtones…


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  5. I love this album 🙂

  6. here is a link to a review i did related to this comp…a live show for the cd release

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