besnard-lakes.jpgAs you may have guessed from previous SXSW entries, as a whole, my favorite *night* of music, in retrospect, would have to have been the Secretly CanadianJagjaguwar showcase. No surprise there as they are, collectively, one of my very favorite labels releasing contemporary music today.

New to the Jagjaguwar roster is Quebec’s The Besnard Lakes who, while new to these ears, have been on my radar the past few months both online and off. Other than a cursory pre-SXSW listen to …Are the Dark Horse, I did not begin to really ingest the album until last week on the glowing recommendation from a friend. So, thanks Chris.

The album appears to harness some of the power that made My Morning Jacket’s album apex At Dawn so magical back in 2001. By no means do I suggest a stylistic comparison, but in terms of At Dawn’s ability to hide its identity the first few listens, showing the listener something new and different every time, until ultimately exposing the big picture. Such comparion is awfully high praise, so we’ll have to see how The Besnard Lakes Are the Dark Horse holds up. But for now, they certainly have my attention.

MP3: The Besnard Lakes :: And You Lied To Me
MP3: The Besnard Lakes :: Disaster
Amazon: The Besnard Lakes- The Besnard Lakes Are the Dark Horse ++ ++ besnard lake mp3s

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2 Responses to “The Besnard Lakes :: Are the Dark Horse”

  1. Yeah, they pretty much blew my mind the other night at The Echo, even though the bastards cut em off after 20 minutes. They reminded me a whole lot of MMJ circa At Dawn. Good call.

    Congrats on the Sirius gig. That’s pretty sweet and very much deserved.

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