About four years ago I made a two disc compilation, for friends, entitled “Downer Country.” If I ever find a copy of it I might post it on the Drunkard for posterity.

Anyway, one one of the cornerstone tracks off the comp was Patty Griffin’s sparse, haunting cover of Bruce Springsteen’sStolen Car.” If at all curious, don’t hesitate to check this out. It’s the essence of an excellent “cover.”

Patty Griffin :: Stolen Car
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5 Responses to “I’m Driving A Stolen Car On A Pitch Black Night”

  1. I sure do wish I had been friends with you 4 years ago. Oh and kick ass on the Sirius thing!

  2. I hope you do find it! I love everything you do here. My first stop every morning.

  3. her voice can blow the house down in concert…

  4. wow.

  5. I also hope that you find it, I look forward to hearing it, if so.
    Thanks for all the great music!!

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