bardot.jpgDue to an overwhelming response, via email, to the bootleg sixties freakbeat compilation featured last week, here is part II. Stay tuned for the rest. Tracks up for a very limited time only.
Last week in Austin I was often asked what I’ve been listening to lately. My reply was/is: this excellent, yet shitty sounding, bootleg compilation of vinyl rips of 1960s French Freakbeat tracks I happened upon about a year ago.

Unfortunately, that is about the extent of my knowledge of the recordings as little information was to be found scouring the net. Although, I did like Metroactive Music’s apt description: “A rare bootleg collection that explores mid 1960s mod-influenced psychedelia of French bands that were paying strict attention to their British brethren, most notably The Small Faces.” Anyone with an ear and appreciation for sixties garage will absolutely love this stuff.

The above photo is of Brigitte Bardot, so you had better brace yo’self.

Previously: Sixties French Freakbeat :: Part I

MP3: Les Bowlers :: Je Me Moquerai De Toi
MP3: Les Sparks :: Souris
MP3: Les Gaelic :: Gardez les Cheveux Longs
MP3: Five Travellers – Story of Wonder

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8 Responses to “Sixties French Freakbeat :: Part II”

  1. i love them. thanks

  2. thank you

  3. I love these, and I love you! Thank you so much for something different and really, really good! You rock, as usual. Now where are my white go-go boots?

  4. […] Previously: Sixties French Freakbeat :: Part I Previously: Sixties French Freakbeat :: Part II Download: MP3: Les 5 Gentlemen :: Si Tu Reviens Chez Moi MP3: The Somethings :: Le Monde Infernal MP3: Les safari :: Elle Avait Tout MP3: The brummels :: Bof! MP3: Les Gypsys :: Je Ne Te Pardonnerai Pas MP3: Les Bowlers :: Ne L’attends Pas ————- […]

  5. Greatest. Boobs. Ever?

  6. ahh please re-upload these; my girlfriend and i heard the nervous breakdown track and we are hooked. greatly appreciated. thanks 🙂

  7. bonjour
    je m’appelle jean pierre hipken et je suis le bassiste chanteur du groupe français LES GYPSYS .
    je cherche désespérement la compilation Psychegaelic French Freakbeat avec les gypsys sur la pochette . je suis l’auteur compositeur des deux titres et cette compilation a une valeur sentimentale pour moi

    si quelqu’un pouvait me la trouver ce serait le type le plus sympa de toute la terre merci d’avance ! jean pierre

  8. uh… could i get a source on that photo?

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