Sixties French Freakbeat :: Part III

Due to an overwhelming response, via email, to the bootleg sixties freakbeat compilation featured last week, here is part III. You can find parts one and two via the links below. Tracks up for a very limited time only. Be sure to check out “Bof!”
While in Austin for SXSW I was often asked what I’ve been listening to lately. My reply was/is: this excellent, yet shitty sounding, bootleg compilation of vinyl rips of 1960s French Freakbeat tracks I happened upon about a year ago.

Unfortunately, that is about the extent of my knowledge of the recordings as little information was to be found scouring the net. Although, I did like Metroactive Music’s apt description: “A rare bootleg collection that explores mid 1960s mod-influenced psychedelia of French bands that were paying strict attention to their British brethren, most notably The Small Faces.” Anyone with an ear and appreciation for sixties garage will absolutely love this stuff.

The above photo is of Brigitte Bardot, so you had better brace yo’self.

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MP3: Les 5 Gentlemen :: Si Tu Reviens Chez Moi
MP3: The Somethings :: Le Monde Infernal
MP3: Les safari :: Elle Avait Tout
MP3: The brummels :: Bof!
MP3: Les Gypsys :: Je Ne Te Pardonnerai Pas
MP3: Les Bowlers :: Ne L’attends Pas fixed

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9 thoughts on “Sixties French Freakbeat :: Part III

  1. C’est Magnifique! Merci beaucoup pour les chansons francaises, mon ami! Zut alors! etc, etc.

  2. thanks for these funny bands.
    if you like this kind of music, try ronnie bird, a 60’s french guy with a great voice
    and with impeccable taste.he covered the small faces, the stones, the who….and wrote his own material.check out on

  3. Ronnie Bird is indeed a good rock singer, so sad he did for the most covers of foreign hits
    to my opinion is a bit overrated but still need somes spins!

    Les Somethings were a band from Reims i think
    Les Gypsys were from the suburbs of paris, they met in a café in Malakoff and their sole single was released on the short-living french division of dutch label “relax” (the label where the outsiders were) the 2 sides are awesome, really a shame they could’nt release others 7inches at that time!

    latelly members of les gypsys were involved in other musical stuff, like french reggae!

    if you read french, les somethings, les boots, and les gypsys have got a chapter for themself into the great book by christian eudeline “anti yéyé”

    les bains dis donc were an alias for les piteuls, if i remember, some of them were latter involved into dynastie crisis
    just listen to “faust 72” by this band, this is a great psychedelic tune, wich remind me a bit les 5 gentlemen but into a very dark mood
    (a track from 1972 as the tittle suggests, but sounds more like a 68 o 69 stuff!)

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