grinderman.jpgAs mentioned earlier, I was pretty ecstatic when “Get It On” and “No Pussy Blues” surfaced on the Internets earlier in the year. It was as if Nick Cave hopped in a time machine and set the gears for 1982. Super raunchy. Shortly afterwards I received an advance of the LP and have been thoroughly digging since.

The thing about this album, and I discussed this with a friend the other night, is that Grinderman is really a record for existing Cave fans. Others need not apply. Comprised of fellow Bad Seeds Warren Ellis, Martyn Casey and Jim Sclavunos, it is not so much a new band, but an offshoot of the band’s collective personality. From what I have read, a number of these tracks were tested for the Bad Seeds but the vibe was not right; hence the birth of Grinderman.

Grinderman :: Get It On
MP3: Grinderman :: No Pussy Blues
Amazon: Grinderman – S/T ++

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4 Responses to “Grinderman :: Self Titled Growling”

  1. I can’t say I was a big Cave fan (I loved “Johnny Suede” thought), but I love this group. I think the titles say it all. There are some tracks left off the album, like “Vortex,” which would be cool to hear. Also thanks for re-posting Crosby.

  2. It reminds Cave’s gothic days, Birthday Party, and after it has similarities with the bad Seeds, loved energic music. As for Cave, i found his solo albums mostly dull.
    However, i love your objectivity and you’re right on it’s not amazing. Only for followers.

  3. I do love the pointed, spitting growling. Esp on No Pussy Blues, “But still she just DIDN’T WANT TO.”

    I hit the “period” key really hard at the end of that sentence. I think he does too.

  4. I am mad for Nick Cave and think Grinderman is his best work in ages. We reviewed Grinderman on Three Imaginary Girls as well (a glowing review).

    “No Pussy Blues” is incredible. I think I’m going to go listen again now.

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