Centro-matic :: Operation Motorcide [EP]

centromaticep.jpgCentro-matic’s new joint, Operation Motorcide, (Houston Party Records) is an EP culled from Fort Recovery’s leftovers. Leftovers only in the sense that Fort Recovery was originally conceived as a two disc album before being pared down to the final 2006 version (with three additional tracks on the non-domestic issue).

Per Mark Hedman, via the Centro-matic board, here is the original Fort Recovery running order:

Disk A — 1 Take the Maps and Run 2 Take a Rake 3 Covered Up in Mines 4 Patience for the Ride 5 I See Through You 6 Atlanta* 7 Fugitives have Won 8 Operation Motorcide* 9 Circuits to Circuses* 10 Bucket Full of Nails# 11 Not Like Anyone Would Mind#

Disk B — 1 All This Fresh Mutiny (part 1)* 2 Nothin’ I Ever Seen 3 Calling Thematico 4 Triggers and Trash Heaps 5 All This Fresh Mutiny (part 2)* 6 Monument Sails 7 Daggers Sharp Enough* 8 Such Crooked Time 9 For New Starts 10 Blood on the Floor* 11 Celebrated Grime* 12 74 Cuts, 74 Scars* 13 Gunmetal and Engines#

* Ended up on Operation Motorcide e.p.
# On European release/ US Double Vinyl release of Fort Recovery

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Centro-matic :: 74 Cuts, 74 Scars
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