pop-levi.jpgRE: Pop Levi – Let’s just get it out there: The T. Rex inspired production and latter era Robert Plant vocals cannot be ignored; it’s the 800 lb. gorilla in the living room. But get past the obvious inspration-on-sleeve references and you’re left with a fun rock record — i.e., the kind you can just “put on” without having to think about it. Just let the wah-wah pedal wash over you.

Our local rag, the L.A. Weekly, appropriately deemed Pop Levi as: “Like every kind of great pop you ever heard – and all at once!” OTM.

Between Levi’s The Return to Form Black Magick Party and David Vandervelde’s Moonstation House Band, 2007 seems to be the latest reclamation of glam-rock distilled through this latest batch of twenty-something rock & rollers. The return of cock-rock: 21st century stye.

Pop Levi :: Blue Honey
MP3: Pop Levi :: Sugar Assault Me Now

Video: Pop Levi :: Sugar Assault Me Now
Video: Pop Levi :: Blue Honey
Amazon: Pop Levi – The Return to Form Black Magick Party

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3 Responses to “Pop Levi :: The Return to Form Black Magick Party”

  1. I really like this one, even as you point out, it’s a pure T Rex knockoff. But honestly, it just feels like the record Bolan should’ve put out after Tanx, so I have no problem with that. I’m curious to see him at Coachella.

  2. I “discovered” this when it was streaming on Spinner and was completely hooked. I had no idea who he was or his work with the Start. He just owns this record in every possible way. I wouldn’t say he is as proficient in ripping of the genre as Jack and Meg, but he comes close.

  3. You can download Pop Levi tunes for your myspace page at: http://www.counterrecords.com/topofthepops

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