john-phillips.jpgSo not to be all “let’s talk about the L.A. weather on Aquarium Drunkard,” but damn, today has been the windiest I can remember in the near six years I have lived out here. We’re talking six story palm trees bending and buckling in the wind, huge L.A. County garbage cans being blown across the boulevard, and more than one or two bits of debris lodging themselves in my eyes. That will teach me to leave my sunglasses in the house. Other than that it’s a bright, sunny day here in la la land.

I’m sure John Phillips encountered many such days back in his L.A. tenure before leaving the earth. Those of you who downloaded the Drunkard comp, L.A. Burnout, Pts I, II, & III will surely remember John Phillips contributions, and if not, you can check a couple out below. Most widely know for his work in the Mamas And The Papas, Phillips went on to craft some super-fine California inspired folk-rock, including these two off his solo debut John the Wolfking of L.A.

John Phillips :: Malibu People
MP3: John Phillips :: Mississippi (Single Version)
Amazon: John Phillips :: John the Wolfking of L.A.

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2 Responses to “John Phillips :: John the Wolfking of L.A.”

  1. Could we please have another chance at that L.A. Burnout comp?

  2. I’ll second that, could we “please” have another shot at the LA Burnout comp. By the way I loved the French Freakbeat (to my surprise).

    Keep up the great work.

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