The Switch :: Acoustic (Live: Aquarium Drunkard)


The Switch’s EP Hello Today is self described as “A mixture of 60’s pop and Motown soul. 5 songs which blend raw, raspy vocals with sweet harmonies layered on top of horns, guitars and keys.” After you see them in a live setting that description rings even truer.

The band guested on my Little Radio shows one year anniversary this past Wednesday and blew it out. The acoustic based renditions of their material added an extra depth and nuance to the songs that really set them apart from the recorded versions found on the EP.

The Switch :: Country Song (acoustic)
MP3: The Switch :: Crazy (acoustic)
The Switch :: Just Smile (acoustic)
MP3: The Switch :: Jealousy In Three (acoustic)
MP3: The Switch :: Living In Another World (acoustic)
MP3: The Switch :: Tongue Tied (acoustic)
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2 thoughts on “The Switch :: Acoustic (Live: Aquarium Drunkard)

  1. Man, can you PLEASE ask your guests to step up to the microphone? I had the stereo completely cranked in the truck (OK, it was a noisy diesel, but still) and I couldn’t hear a friggin’ thing any of these guys (&gal) were saying. Then when the music was playing I had to crank the volume back down to prevent hearing damage.

    Come to think of it, you could use a little volume control yourself, Mr. Gage.

    Great podcasts, though – the Switch’s guest picks were startling.

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