Clutchy Hopkins, the mysterious purveyor of beats, soul, jazz and funk, will be featured on the Aquarium Drunkard show Wednesday afternoon via a couple of his representatives at Little Radio. Details are scarce — tune in 2-4pm to see what goes down.

Expect to hear unreleased material, flim flam, and an old long forgotten mix tape comprised of choice cuts from Clutchy’s vinyl collection.

Check out “Track 1” below for a taste of Clutchy’s flavor.

MP3: Clutchy Hopkins :: Track 1
Purchase: Clutchy Hopkins ++ ++

7 Responses to “Clutchy Hopkins :: A.D. Show (Wednesday, On Air)”

  1. fuck yeah this guy is awesome

  2. Is this madlib? cut chemist? dj shadow?
    Just let the truth be known….we’re dying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. where he get his style froms? his pops, of course.

  4. Just plain good. This locks me in for tomorrow’s show.

  5. WTF happened to Clutchy? I’m listening now on Little Radio and this shit straight up blows compared to what I heard on myspace and on disc.

  6. Diggin the Peoples Market shit…..a little more repetitive than the Life Of Clutchy tunes, but those grooves are killer! Long Live Clutchy Hopkins (whoever the hell he may be)!!!

  7. I had to post a message about this whole Clutchy Hopkins movement. They are the type of artist that I have been looking/waiting for! For all those out there who are pimpin strong, I sealed the deal with a betty last week at my place in Vegas when I turned the lights down and Clutchy Hopkins UP!!!!!

    Much Luv – for setting a perfect stage for groovin’……


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