malkmus.jpgPitchfork Media recently reported that Drunkard hero, Portland inhabitant, and indie rock guru, Stephen Malkmus is two-thirds done with his next LP (to be released by longtime label home, Matador).

According to his website: “Basic trax for album committed to tape. 67.4685% completed. Looks to be done sometime in Late June.” “Tj Doherty, fresh from a Donald Fagen session in Kauai, kept an eye on the meters. The bears were just coming out of Hibernation; it was easy to stay indoors and focus on the riffage. Looks to be done sometime in Late June. Apparently, the songs are so BIG that Matador is pushing for an early 2008 release.” Awesome news — bring on the rock show.

Speaking of Steve, while DJ’ing the other night I snuck in a track from the Pig Lib limited edition import bonus EP. Now I realize it’s easy to sit here at a computer and play armchair quarterback, but as a fan of all Malkmus projects, I, like many, were a bit perplexed that some of the best of Pig Lib’s material was omitted from the album, shelved, and only included on the bonus EP. But alas, I’m sure SM had his reasons. If you have not heard the Pig Lib EP (aka Dark Wave EP), gnaw on a couple of my favorite tracks below.

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks :: Fractions and Feelings
MP3: Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks :: Old Jerry

Video: Stephen Malkmus :: Jenny & The Ess Dog (Live on David Letterman)
Video: Pavement :: Grounded (Live)
Amazon: Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Pig Lib (w/ import Bonus EP) ++ ++

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8 Responses to “Stephen Malkmus :: New Album News/Pig Lib EP”

  1. I’ll venture out to state that I, for one, loved Pig Lib and actually think it competes as the best of his post-Pavement output. I wasn’t as hot on the most recent album and wasn’t down on Pig Lib the way so many people I’d talked to seemed to be.

  2. Probably the same reason that Malkmus releases statements saying he’s 67.4685 done with something. Who knows.

  3. Man, this stuff is good! I must count myself amongst those who never could warm to Pig Lib. I’d always found something to love in all Malkmus-related output, but this album always left me a little cold.

    These songs have inspired me to give it another chance though.

  4. dynamic calories is the best malkmus b-side. ever.

  5. As a ninety-seven-year-old Pavement/Malkmus lover, I have to say Face the Truth ranks up there with his absolute best, and that’s saying something. It’s a deep album, and by including the lyrics, he’s inviting you to consider it’s also one of his most personal. Love the Malk…..

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  8. Hey is there anyway you could post that Pib Lib Bonus ep again? I’m down in Australia and its tough to find…

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