The Parson Red Heads debut LP, King Giraffe, capitalizes on the best attributes of past 35 years of Golden Coast musical heritage. Like The Broken West, The Parsons are doing their part to re-usher in the laid back retro-vibe that has been sorely missing from the L.A. scene since canyon rockers The Beachwood Sparks disappeared a few years ago.

The band is constantly playing in and around Los Angeles (seriously), so chances of catching them are high. Eastsiders, look for their big upcoming show at The Ex Plx, April 26th, with Sea Wolf, Earlimart and The Watson Twins.

The Parson Red Heads :: Punctual As Usual
MP3: The Parson Red Heads :: Sister
Purchase: The Parson Red Heads – King Giraffe ++ ++

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