Never one to be associated with bright and/or “cheery” music, J. Tillman returns with the appropriately entitled Cancer and Delirium, his first LP for Virginia based Yer Bird Records.

Since I first began listening to Tillman’s brand of folk in 2005, his releases (often near impossible to get ahold of) have embraced and retained the intimacy that first surfaced on his self-released CD-Rs. To it’s credit, Cancer and Delirium does not veer from this established path.

Folk Music For The End Of The World
Yer Bird Records To Release New J. Tillman


MP3: J. Tillman :: When I Light Your Darkened Door
MP3: J. Tillman :: Evans And Falls
Purchase: J. Tillman – Cancer and Delirium

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+ Visit The Hype Machine for additional J. Tillman tracks

7 Responses to “J. Tillman :: Cancer and Delirium”

  1. This is another fantastic release. Morgan sent me a copy and it has left my dialy listen pile since.

  2. I know someone that this guy wrote at least one song about. pretty music.

  3. I have been in love with the few tracks I have managed to find by J. Tillman. You have a link on here to eMusic… but I cannot seem to find him on there. Am I just not looking hard enough?

  4. Ben, youre right, it must have been a comp track that came up in the search for emusic.

  5. So when is this album actually out? I can’t find it anywhere in the UK.

  6. Angela – Its out now. Go to http://www.yerbird.com and order direct from them.

  7. An early “Take Away Show” feautring J. Tillman & Emily Loizeau, it is quite beautiful..


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