meg-baird.jpgUpon hearing Meg Baird’s Drag City solo debut, Dear Companion, I was immediately reminded of the first time I listened to the Numero Group’s January release of Catherine Howe’s What A Beautiful Place. Both albums initially come across so delicately that you have to really stretch out to fully grasp their artistry. Folkies, do pay attention.

Baird, most recognizable through her Baird Sisters output, and as a member of the Philadelphia psych-folk outfit, Espers, strikes out on her own here with (not surprisingly) great results. Maintaining the vibe of her work with sister Laura, and the quieter moments with Espers, Baird, solo, has set herself up as an artist to keep an eye on with interest. Look for the Drag City release this May.

Meg Baird :: The Waltze Of The Tennis Players
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