sergio.jpgSomewhere, there must be an unwritten rule that as the weather gets warmer the strange sounds Sergio Mendes get sweeter.

As far as best-of, and greatest hits compilations go, this is a prime example of when (and why) they really work — the tracks flow seamlessly, nice overview, etc. This is really all the Sergio the casual fan will ever need. Truly.

For me, this “hits” album has always sounded like it came from some alternate reality. The percussion, orchestration, and choice of cover material all seems as if it were conjured up for the bizarre soundtrack to an unwritten movie. What makes it all that much more interesting is that this was not the case at all – they were dead serious – this isn’t supposed to be ironic or corny in any way. Bravo.

Check out Mendes and company’s kitchy covers of two Beatles tracks below.

Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 :: Day Tripper
MP3: Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 :: Fool On The Hill
Amazon: Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 – Greatest Hits

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4 Responses to “Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66”

  1. This album is incredible, now if only our record player hadn’t self-destructed. Herb Alpert is being sadly neglected as well…

  2. I always liked Mendes’ version of Fool on the Hill, but the Greatest Hits album was mean on playing time even when it was an LP. There is an import version, The Essential Sergio Mendes, with an additional 4 tracks, but none of the hit collections on the market gives a really satisfactory overview of Mendes’ prolific career.

  3. If you get the chance, check out cinnamon and clove by Brasil 66. It’s a secret shame of mine. Imagine the swingle singers and liberace getting together at the Tropicana.

  4. 9ada267dc090…


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