I received an unsolicited EP in the mail last week by a New Orleans based singer-songwriter named Blair. From here bio: “I was raised on Neil Young, raised in New Orleans, given my uncle’s guitar at age 9, oh yeah, and i heard Nirvana in the 7th grade.” With an innate sense of pop sensibility and an intense delivery, her sound is described best as Dolly Parton meets Radiohead meets Neil Young meets uptown New Orleans.

Kinda reminds me of when Liz Phair was still good. Here is the first track off the EP.

Blair :: Wolfboy
www.myspace.com/musicblair ++ www.musicblair.com

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  1. I got hit up by her on MySpace a few weeks ago and I’m lovin’ it. I played “Mona Lisa” last week and “Blues Song” this week, two more from her site. I agree with your call on “Wolfboy” sounding like Liz Phair in her peak. Other of her songs remind me, vocally, of Beth Orton and even twinges of Kathleen Edwards. She’s off to a solid start.

  2. gorgeous

  3. this is amazing… stumbled upon the music in the show architecture school

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