Ola Podrida :: (Self Titled) Album Out Now


The music of Ola Podrida (David Wingo) has been featured on these pages a number of times in the past, but I wanted to remind everyone that his wonderful, (self titled) album was released this past week on the Plug Research label. I’ve had an advance of the album since December and it’s sounds have become the fabric to the soundtrack of Winter 2007. I now look forward to getting know the album through the lens of Spring.

Below: Check out this mini-mix mp3 of the entire album via Plug Research. Gives a great overview of the flow, sound and atmosphere of the LP..

Here is what I said about the LP back in December…

MP3: Ola Podrida :: Album Song Mini Mix
Amazon: Ola Podrida – S/T

www.myspace.com/olapodrida ++ www.plugresearch.com ++ more ola podrida mp3s

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  1. It is an excellent little record – reminds me a bit of David Pajo / Papa M. Thanks for posting it way back when…

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