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Went and saw Blonde Redhead and Annuals Wednesday night — good — but I’d be lying if I said I was not just as excited to hear the DJ at the Bigfoot ,later that evening, spinning Equals tunes. Maybe it’s in part due to the club was “booze free.”

The Equals: It’s the late sixties in the UK — how do you describe these guys? Garage, r&b, freakbeat, rock & roll? All encompassing hybrid? Sure.

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The Equals :: Mary Jane
MP3: The Equals :: Diversion
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  1. That is too cool. Of course that is Eddy (“Electric Avenue”) Grant. They had a fairly big hit with “Baby Come Back,” later covered by Bonnie Raitt and ” “Police on my Back” coverd by the Clash. Great stuff.

  2. Just thought I let you all know I know the original drummer John Hall. He met an Australian woman and as he spent a lot of time with her the band said hey don’t forget the band so in the end he moved to Melbourne Australia.

    I met him when I was driving taxis in the Melbourne suburb of Frankston.
    At first I had no idea he was in the band till one while waiting for a fare we where looking at an all time greatest bands list in Australia and his band was not there.
    I then found out he was in The Equals.

    I did not know much about the band and one day he was talking about Eddie Grant and I said oh you know him and he said yeah of course he was in the band.

    There are many other stories I could say ok just one more he once asked Ginger Baker from Cream if he could use his drums and got the “ok just don’t break them”.

    From Pop/rock drummer to taxi driving you just never know.

  3. It’s no big deal these days, but The Equals were one of the first multiracial groups in the UK. “Baby Come Back” still gets a fair amount of radio play on oldies shows.

  4. Zos
    Please can you tell me if you are still in touch with John Hall as he is my cousin I have been trying to trace him for a while now. Will check back here for any reply.
    Regards Peter

  5. I haven’t seen him for a while as he left taxi driving about three years ago.
    Also I left taxi driving myself almost 2 years ago.

    I can try to get in touch with him as it shouldn’t be to hard to find him (as long as he’s still in the Frankston area (South Eastern Melbourne suburb about 42km on Port Philip Bay).

    If it,s possible can you give me some details about yourself just so he knows you are really who you are.

    He does sometimes not believe everything he hears (probably from the music days lol and hears so much crap from taxi driving).

    Anyway will check here to see if you have replied and even if you don’t I will still see if I can find as the sooner i start the better.

    He might even be in The phone book ( but with such a common surname it’s not so easy.

    Will post if find him and please give some info if possible.
    Zos (kevin)

  6. Zos
    Thanks for your reply and understand your concerns, I will just put here a small detail just as a starter to let you or John know I’m who I say I am. John’s dad (also John) and my mum (Violet but known as Vi) were brother and sister.
    If I was able to contact John I could furbish lot’s more information to convince him who I say I am. By the way I’am in England. Thanks again Zos

  7. Zos good news a second cousin of mine living in Australia has visited Frankston and has made contact with John so hopefully we will make contact ourselves soon.
    So thanks very much Zos for all your help.
    Take care, Regards Peter

  8. Peter
    I’m hoping you’re still checking this site. I’d like you to contact me with regards to your cousin John Hall.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Best wishes, Pauline

  9. Hi, Id like some help please, I knew John Hall in the 70s when the band were all together, and we lost touch. Id like to get in touch and wondered if yo0u had any recent locations for him. Eddie Grant is also out of touch now so somewhat lost searching!
    Thank you

  10. further to my message, John and the band used to also visit her parents in Peterlee, Eva and Stan in the 60s. Eva still talks about the day they all turned up for tea unanounced, with neighbours hanging out the windows!!

  11. Further information…Glen Holmes, now Glen Sunderland married to Nick, living in Kent Uk, worked with John at President records in the early 70s and was a close friend for 2 years would like to find out how John is now, and would like to hear from or about him.

  12. I am also looking for John, havent seen him for years since leaving frankston, I have tried people that knew him there but it seems he has disappeared off the face of the planet, Come on John we all know your out there!!!

  13. Hi …………Just an update my sister has spoken to John and he is going to phone me soon. He said he would be interested in contacting others on here, but I will wait till he phones me and confirms this. Obviously we would have to work something out regarding making contact, as you would appreciate I couldn’t just post Johns contact details on here.
    Regards Peter

  14. thanks every-body for your inquiries. I am alive and wellish but have no computer. I will try to contact every one. I have spoken to my cousin in England and if pos will try to ring every one. thanks again.

  15. Hi John,

    Your mum used to come into the record shop i worked in and talk about you, in 1968 when I was 17

    Liked your drumming,

    Best Wishes,


  16. Hey John if you read this I’m Kevin the short driver. (miny me )
    I saw that that Eddy Grant was coming to Australia made me think if you would try to contact him or whatever. Anyway hows things and keep well I’m not driving cabs I’m in Dromana resting. Maybe see you in the future you never know.

  17. s’up john, well looks like everyone is trying to find you-WATCH OUT HA HA. do you remember the blow up club in munich germany 1969 – 1970?

  18. I use to be the office boy 1967-68 at President Records 25 Demark St and the Equals were in and out of the office all of the time. I hepled promote Baby come back, The Equals 1st Number 1 big Hit. I remeber John Hall well, at the time he was married to a German girl, or she could have been Austrian? later, He was going out with this Blond Australin lady (Not very tall) and I believe she was the reason he went to Auzz?

    I wonder what he is doing now??



  19. If anyone gets hold of John please pass on my regards. We went to school together and were great mates. I would like to be in touch again, in this life if possible.

    Gordon Sutton

  20. Hi John,

    Couldn’t help but notice in your letter that your still a night owl, as are we,

    nothing changed there then. Meet you at the ”Top of the Hill” for coffee!!

    Best wishes to you and Gordon [ Sutton ]

    Roy and Laura

  21. I dated John Hall for a few months back in the early 90’s, he had married an Australian woman around the days of The Equals and had three children with her, two girls and a boy.

    I haven’t seen him since moving to Queensland so if anyone is still in touch with him, please pass on my regards to him (from Wendy).

  22. Hi Johnny,
    nice to know you are still about and I hope happy, dont think you will remember me, we went out for a long time back when you lived with your mum and you had your black car with Tutin Carmun on the bonnet but that was back in our wild days.
    never forgotten luv jo

  23. Hi John,
    Great to know your alive and well, they were good days a bit wild but wouldn’t
    change them. Would love to here from you… Also Laura & Roy…..I still see Jo Norman(Mathison]. I live in Spain and have done so for 6 years..been married to Chas now for 42 years 2 children 2 grandsons. We go back to the U.K. about 3 times a year
    so maybe Laura & roy we could catch up?

  24. Hi John,

    I’ve been trying to get in touch with you for yonks. Do you remember when you took

    me out in your Rover to the West End? You were the bugger who first introduced me

    to Southern Comfort. This all came about because I found your driving licence in a

    hire car. I remember to this day, that we stopped off at your mum’s house and also

    visited a girl called Janet (I think) on the way.

    I’m heavily into music now, and have got an album coming out of my own

    compositions in the next fortnight or so. I so wish you were still in the UK. You

    could do some drumming work for me.

    Great to know you’re still alive and kicking anyhow.



    PS Anybody else who reads this message, is more than welcome to contact me on

    Facebook or through my website alec mcintosh music which will be live very soon.

  25. Hi John Do you remember Samanths disco. I was the DJ there, we often went out in a group after work. I wonder what became of the rest. Alex, Gill and the other’s



  27. I spent a great weekend hanging out with John probably 1970 through a connection with Eddy.Nice guy. I remember the Rover 3.5 V8 in a deep red. Highlights were being stopped by a London cop and John asking me to retrieve all the required info in the glovebox, passing it out the window,which John then shut.”happens all the time” explained John as the disappointed and perplexed cop finally knocked on the window and asked “How can you afford a car like this?” “Musician” was John’s answer. We visited with John’s mother and he asked her if she could repair some trousers,explaining that a girl had ripped them! He immediately got told off. Great insight and heady times when you’re young

  28. I used to work with John’s Mum Gladys in the early 70’s at Ind Coope in Finchley,lovely Lady,she used to be less then complimentary about the Equals old Management and rightly so.

  29. I am also trying to contact John …..and also glen if you read this …I was one of the Roadies or the Equals between 1968 -1973. Hoping this works…..

  30. Hi Trevor
    I remember you from those days as a roadie I used to help you out occasionally when I wasn’t working, I was with The Moody Blues at the time before going onto The Spencer Davis Group. If your still in the Kent area it would be nice to catch up after all these years,
    Leave a message on here.

  31. Abbr tittle hi Merv I remember you like it wAs yesterday , can contact via Facebook under my profile name of …. Hand jive.

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