In the past ten days I’ve had almost identical conversations with two different people, in two different circumstances, about Paul’s vocal delivery on “Monkberry Moon Delight,” off his second solo LP, 1971’s Ram. This maybe my favorite of Paul’s performance “voices”, as it is rough, quite possibly coke-fueled, and perfect for the tunes energy and tossed off lyrics.

Grapevine: There is rumor that a loose collective of L.A. Eastside based musicians might get together and reinterpret Ram in it’s entirety. Sounds cool. I’ll keep you posted if and when it comes to fruition.

Paul McCartney :: Monkberry Moon Delight
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7 Responses to “Paul McCartney :: Monkberry Moon Delight”

  1. Yeah, I agree with you — something like his “Helter Skelter” voice (which, the first few times I heard it at age 14 or so, I couldn’t bring myself to believe it was Paul). Thanks for turning me on to this crazy song, too — or, I guess, the thanks should go to The Switch, but never mind.

  2. Nice! Good to hear that folks listening to the podcast — bravo!

  3. I had been brought to believe that “Ram” was crap, so I was pleasantly surprised when I first heard it in its entirety in 1988 that it was several levels above crap. Today it’s one of my favorite McCartney albums — but I usually skip the last two minutes or so of “Monkberry Moon Delight”.

  4. Wow, that is one glorious haircut Paul. Holy mullet.
    Thanks the dear sweet Lord that the ’70s are over. Please let’s never resurrect that particular haircut.

  5. Not to mention Robbers on High Street did a pretty kick ass cover of this on their Fatalist and Friends EP….

  6. i’m late to the party (as ussh) but i demand to be informed if and when “ram” is recreated. as a child, i listened to this record at least once a day every day for nearly two years. my folks weren’t the most clued in musically, and i reached the lucid state of music in 1975, so this was the one record (well, that and sergio mendes and brasil ’66’s “equinox”) that i was allowed to put on dad’s expensive turntable during dinnertime.

    honestly, i can’t begin to tell you how many times i’ve heard “ram”. we’ve got to be into the thousands now. i’ll sock a fool in the eye who says it’s a crap record.

    serslay. email me if the “ram” reconstruction ever comes to fruition.

  7. The hair style is called a “shag” and was very popular in the early 70’s. I had one myself.

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