Joseph Plunkett & The Weight :: Re-revisited

joseph-plunkett.jpgBeing that An Aquarium Drunkard’s two year anniversary is right around the corner, I am taking the opportunity to revisit some some artists in past posts whose music is rarely, if ever, reported on. I can’t think of a more perfect example than Joseph Plunkett & The Weight.

This will mark the third time – in 24 months – that I have posted these five tracks hoping to turn on new fans, and perhaps get an update on what Plunkett has up his musical sleeve these days. Last we heard, the former Athens, GA songwriter and bandleader was hanging his hat in Brooklyn, NYC.

These five tracks are culled from Plunkett & The Weight’s two out-of-print LPs. Serious twang in the vein of Dwight Yoakam, Steve Earle, and The Star Room Boys. Hard country highly recommended to those who like their edges rough, and their whiskey smooth. Obviously, I’m a big fan.

Joseph Plunkett & The Weight :: Ten Mile Grace
MP3: Joseph Plunkett & The Weight :: Black Roses
MP3: Joseph Plunkett & The Weight :: Ships
MP3: Joseph Plunkett & The Weight :: Hate Myself
MP3: Joseph Plunkett & The Weight :: Highways
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8 thoughts on “Joseph Plunkett & The Weight :: Re-revisited

  1. love it. never heard him before, so thank you for turning me on to him. he sounds almost like the drive by truckers, but better and with less gain on the guitars.

  2. Saw him play a songwriters showcase at the 40 Watt with Patterson Hood and William Tonks. Great stuff and it’s too bad it’s so hard to find stuff. Hope they can release some stuff in the future

  3. i wasn’t reading the aq. drunkard when you posted them before so thanks for doing so again. i like a voice that can break your heart — he bends his words like steve earle does on guitartown (but different). awesome.

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