Little Red Shoes :: Mama, Why Is Daddy Runnin’?


Loretta Lynn’s (excellent) collaboration with Jack White, Van Lear Rose, produced, quite possibly, one of my favorite spoken word story-songs ever. Entitled “Little Red Shoes,” what some may have viewed as a throwaway track, I found to be the cornerstone of the album. Amidst the more rocked up atmosphere of the affair was this oasis of pure Loretta gold.

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Loretta Lynn :: Little Red Shoes
MP3: Loretta Lynn :: Portland, Oregon
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3 thoughts on “Little Red Shoes :: Mama, Why Is Daddy Runnin’?

  1. Greetings,
    Just wanted to let you know I sampled your LL tracks. Have always been curious about this collaboration. I like it alot.
    On another note…I visit your blog regularly and enjoy it very much.
    Perhaps because there is always a high level of consistency in your posts. Anyway…I definitely see the hard work put in by you.
    Thanks for your blog and PROPS!

  2. Portland, Oregon is a wonderful track and the story behind the collaboration is really beautiful…..

  3. I’m with Casey above – always a high level of great posts here. I hadn’t heard this collaboration yet – the music reminds me of the San Francisco scene of the late 60s and early 70s – very nice stuff.

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