Before heading to Mexico a couple of weekends ago I stopped by Amoeba music, on Sunset, and finally scored a copy of the T. Rex reissue of The Slider. I had initially been a bit skeptic as to the quality of the bonus disc, entitled Rabbit Fighter, which is an alternate mix of The Slider, but having ponied up for the Electric Warrior reissue a few months ago, and loving the treatment it got, I deemed it a good time to replace my old copy. After nearly three listens from L.A. to our destination a bit north of Ensenada, I was glad I did.

Rabbit Fighter in no way trumps or replaces the original version of The Slider, but it does provide an entertaining glimpse at the tracks as heard through a different filter. It’s worth noting for collectors that disc one, like the Electric Warrior reissue, tacks on additional tracks — tracks that were also made available on the 2002 import version of The Slider.

Girl, I’m Just A Jeepster For Your Love…

T. Rex :: Rabbit Fighter (alt mix)
MP3: T. Rex :: The Slider (alt mix)
Amazon: T. Rex – The Slider (expanded edition)

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2 Responses to “The Slider :: Rabbit Fighter (Alternate Mix)”

  1. The.Tanx.reissue.was.given.the.same.treatment.It’s.definitely.worth.checking.out.too


  2. good to know, thanks arthur

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