derek-domnios.jpgIf you’re at all into classic, blues based, rock & roll from the early ’70s, the wah pedal and general vibe of this song will absolutely melt your face. From the instant you press play Clapton’s guitar, all wah’d out in a hazy tone, sets the mood immediately.

While I can live without the majority of Clapton’s work from the mid-seventies onward, Derek & The Dominos sole album Layla is betond essential. Without a doubt it is the crown achievement of the man’s career. This live album, notably recorded at the Fillmore sans Duane Allman, paints a nice little picture of the era and is worth picking up for several of the live renditions alone.

If you have read anything about the guy’s personal life at the time, (1970) both the lyrics, and the songs (barely controlled blues rock), make a lot of sense. This was an artist on the brink of destruction.

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Not long after they were released, I got my hands on the Layla sessions bonus disc which is comprised of five jam sessions from the studio sessions including Duane Allman. I’ve listened to these on headphone more times than I can recall. Stay tuned for a couple tracks posted on the Drunkard soon.

MP3: Derek & The Dominos :: Got To Get Better In A Little While (live)
Amazon: Derek & The Dominos – Live At The Fillmore

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10 Responses to “Got To Get Better In A Little While…”

  1. I agree for the most part–one would be better off listening to JJ Cale, who wrote a lot of Clapton’s hits in that period. JJCale would be a good artist to profile here, particularly for the younger folks who might not know his work

  2. man, the early cale records are great

  3. Great post on Eric Clapton from Adam Duritz – definitely worth the read. It’s a ways down and a little self-indulgent, but still – how cool would this be if it was your story:

  4. […] How can you not love Got To Get Better In A Little While? […]

  5. For the most part, Clapton’s collabrative work is better than his solo stuff, Derik & the Domino’s being the apex. But I seem to enjoy anything with Cream or the Yardbirds and just him. Tears in Heaven being the shinning example of his solo yuckness. The exeption being his cover of Tulsa Time

  6. hey hey now, “Tears In Heaven” not a good song? are you sure you really mean that?

  7. Desert Discs, top five lists, greatest records of all time, name it any way you want but Layla (the Album)always makes the list for me. At first it was just the sound, I’m a sucker for the whole Southern Rock Thing so it kinda goes without saying. Then you add in the love of his life, his best friends wife and then you add in Duane Allman, forget about it. I only wish I had had the chance to see them live. The Live from the Fillmore is an excellent disc. Great blog keep up the good work.

    I’ll leave you with this:
    What’s the closest thing to Derek and the Dominoes out now?


  8. “What’s the closest thing to Derek and the Dominoes out now?”

    Good question.

  9. Yes, I feel like I may be visiting the 70’s (but I am not sure seeing as I wasn’t born yet) how can you not love it? The guitar work is superb and anything that makes me forget that I am sitting in my cube at work is excellent!

  10. this cd means a lot to me. perhaps, too much.

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