This album is really great in an understated way. I know nothing about it other than it is a male/female French duo singing acoustic pop songs in English. If you are privy to the details of the partnership, hit me up in the comments. RIYL: early Belle & Sebastian.

Dillinger Girl & Baby Face Nelson :: Share
MP3: Dillinger Girl & Baby Face Nelson :: Changes
Amazon: Helena Bang – Dillinger Girl & Baby Face Nelson


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4 Responses to “Helena Bang :: Dillinger Girl & Baby Face Nelson”

  1. Helena Noguerra is a french singer
    Ferderico Pellegrini was playing guitar in the former french band Little Rabbits

  2. Hello,
    Helena has already made albums on her own, she lives with french singer Philippe Katherine and is the sister of “french” singer Lio.
    Little Rabbits doesn’t exists anymore (sob) but members still play with Katherine and others. Dominique A is also someone close to them I may say.
    Frederico was singing and writing (I think he wrote the songs here too), not only playing guitars I think when with the Little Rabbits. Little Rabbits made several albums in Tucson with people from there (Calexico, Burns, Convertino).
    It’s cool you talk about this duo, I love these songs. But I don’t know if they intend to make another album after this first one.
    You can find a cool little acoustic radio session of them on Aligre Radio web site : http://prevot.denis.free.fr/

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  4. Share is indeed an excellent song, a succession of hypnotically rythmic simple constructions and yet elegantly understated, as you say. Many thanks. I would never have guessed it came from my part of the world. It does indeed feel weird hearing of those guys, that live a few stone throws away from me, through somebody living in LA…

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