Link Wray :: 1971 S/T Masterpeice

link-wray-1971-lp.jpgNot surprisingly (because the tune is the absolute shit) a bunch of folks enquired as to the name/origins of the Link Wray song that opened up yesterday’s show on Little Radio (for those who missed it, it will be posted in podcast form later this week.)

The track is “La De Da” off Link Wray’s self-titled 1971 album, which I featured back in August here. Make no mistake, this is not Wray in instrumental surf-guitar mode, but the man handling all the vocals, belting out greasy, back-porch, rock & roll gospel-blues. Simply outstanding stuff.

From the HIP-O website: “Link Wray’s Polydor debut from 1971 sounds kinda like The Band meets The Rolling Stones, with a healthy side of Van Morrison playing gospel blues somewhere in the Mississippi Delta. Recorded in his converted chicken coop studio, Wray took a breather from his earlier electric guitar instrumentals to lay down a raw and intense album. The album was remastered from the original master tapes in 2004 by the Grammy-winning engineer Gavin Lurssen, and it comes in a die-cut gatefold package that replicates the original vinyl release.”

Don’t miss out on there — Check out two tracks below from the re-issue…

Link Wray :: La De Da
MP3: Link Wray :: Fire And Brimstone
Purchase: Link Wray – S/T

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11 thoughts on “Link Wray :: 1971 S/T Masterpeice

  1. This really is a great album. I’ve never understood why it’s been under the radar for the past 40+ years. Oh well, maybe that’s for the better. His LP “Beans and Fatback” was recorded during these same sessions and it’s equally brilliant.

  2. Strangely enough I just bought the Robert Gordon with Link Wray CD reissue today. I’m trying to figure out what made me buy this LP nearly 30 (gasp) years ago. It surely wasn’t the cover (or was it ?). One thing is for sure the guitar on Flying Saucers Rock and Roll is still amazing. It reminds me of Robert Quine. I’ve heard Rumble and some other early stuff but nothing sounding like this. I’ll have to check out these tunes as I investigate further.

  3. If you are down with this record, you really owe it to yourself to check out Dale Hawkins “L.A., Memphis and Tyler, Texas” record which is very similar and just as essential to fans of this type of music.

  4. I Have this album, on the ‘groove’, Link Wray ROCKS!!. “Juke Box Mama”,, Kicks ASS! A BIG YES to Link Wray!

  5. there were a couple of times I use to hang around with the 16-18 yr old crowd out of berwyn and college park when I was 12 . they would ride down to vinnie’s club and they would tell me to sit in the car and smoke cigarettes and drink soda pop while they went inside and listen to Link. I could hear the band and when they opened the door it was Loud an Rockin. I never foget it and to this day I wail-out on my fender strat with the power trio I’m in. Link Wray had a way of infecting you . The more you listen to it the more you couldn’t get enough of it . chris (scobie) scovitch laurel, Md.

  6. There use to be a few times I would hang around with the Berwyn and College Pk. crowd and we use to go crusing down to the district to vinnies to listen to Link Wray Jam back in the early 60’s . I was off the hook .The wildest band I had ever heard . Of course I couldn’t go in ( only 12 yr old , but I would listen to them as if I was inside sitting. It was the coolest music I had ever heard ! To this day I still bang out his song with the power trio I’ve been with for a good while. Link I would have liked to have met you and shook your hand. Here’s to you RUMBLEMAN ! chris scobie scovitch Laurel Md.

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