dog-dinosaur-jr.jpgThe original Dinosaur Jr. reformed and made a new record. You probably know this already.

The Whatever’s Cool With Me EP was the first Dinosaur recording I’d ever heard. I was turned onto it by a friend’s older brother back in 1991. At the time I was a sophomore in high school, and between this, Sonic Youth, Slint, and The Pixies back catalog, the soundtrack to ’91-’92 was set in stone.

I had a driver’s license, a glove-box full of cassettes, Nirvana was on the radio and I was sixteen. This was the stuff of freedom.

Because this music is so firmly planted in that era of my life, it is truly bizarre to now, 16 years later, hear new Dinosaur Jr. material that sounds like it could have been released in the early ’90s. I can only imagine this is what my parent’s generation must have thought upon the 2000 release of Steely Dan’s Two Against Nature, which was their first release in near twenty years.

Below are a couple of nuggets off Whatever’s Cool With Me that got a lot of play back in the day, plus a couple of old videos from that bygone era known as the early ’90s.

Dinosaur Jr. :: Sideways
MP3: Dinosaur Jr. :: Quicksand (Bowie)

Video: 1991 Dinosaur Jr. :: Interview + The Wagon
Dinosaur Jr. :: Whatever’s Cool With Me
Amazon: Dinosaur Jr. – Whatever’s Cool With Me ++ ++ emusic

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7 Responses to “Dinosaur Jr. :: Whatever’s Cool With Me”

  1. Well, I can tell you how I felt when Steely Dan released “Two Against Nature:” great to have them back in action. But where’s the action?

  2. now this was action:

  3. i miss carrying around shoe boxes full of cassettes or cds for that matter. i feel the same way about dino jr. they are really the only band i still listen to, with regularity, from that era – which is saying a lot me thinks.

  4. I agree – Dinosaur Jr. still sounds good after 15+ years – same with Superchunk, and “Superfuzz Bigmuff” by Mudhoney. Guilty pleasures, I guess!

  5. Actually, ‘Whatever’s Cool With Me’ came out in ’92.

    But yeah, I often find myself thinking about “that bygone era known as the early 90s”, too.

    Sometimes it almost seems like it was several lifetimes ago. Weird.

  6. I also agree. Sounds just as good as the old days!

  7. Great album. This post makes miss all my old cassettes from way back when.

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