As promised, here are two of the five jams that make up the third disc on the deluxe Layla sessions box set. It’s worth noting that on the first of these two jams (Jam IV) the Dominos are joined by Duane ‘Skydog’ Allman, and on the second ( Jam V) the majority of The Allman Brothers Band join in as well.

While certainly not geared towards the casual fan, those with an ear for early ’70s improvisational, southern, rock will eat these up with a spoon.

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MP3: Derek & The Dominos :: Jam IV
MP3: Derek & The Dominos :: Jam V
Amazon: Derek & The Dominos – The Layla Sessions: 20th Anniversary Edition

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6 Responses to “Derek & The Dominos :: The Layla Sessions Jams”

  1. What a treat. Thanks.
    Never know what’s going to happen when trolling The Hype Machine.

  2. Just reading the comments from the previous D&D post.
    Perhaps everyone knows that the preliminary to that band was the Delaney and Bonnie on Tour album which is an end-to-end gem, some of Clapton’s best ever playing, no question.
    Then, to quote Bonnie Bramlett, “He stole our band!”

  3. that Delaney & Bonney album is white-hot

  4. Here’s more accurate info than mine:


  5. Delaney and Bonnie and Friends made some terrific albums.

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