Two Years :: 1,463 Posts On Aquarium Drunkard

wilco_photo.jpgYe olde Aquarium Drunkard turned two today. Despite what the archives state (I merged the May 2005 data with the June posts a year and a half ago) this is the 1,463 post since May of 2005.

It’s only fitting that Wilco have a new album coming out next week, as Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’s “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart” loosely served as the inspiration for the blog’s name: “I am an American aquarium drinker, I assassin down the avenue, I’m hiding out in the big city blinking, What was I thinking when I let go of you?” This is singlehandedly the question I receive the most often from readers, so if you ever wondered, there you have it.

With its internal struggles, considerable experimentation, label woes, and well documented drama, in many ways, YHF stands as the major turning point for the band. But back in the mid ’90s, longtime Uncle Tupelo fans, and recent converts of Tweedy’s ‘new’ project Wilco, bared witness to another turning point — that of the first track on disc one off Wilco’s sophomore album Being There.

With it’s decidedly non atmosphere and instrumentation, “Misunderstood” would turn out to be an outlier beacon of things to come on future Wilco projects. It also happens to be my favorite track off the album.

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Wilco :: Misunderstood

Video: Wilco :: I Am Trying To Break Your Heart (DVD Opening Credits)
Video: Wilco :: I’m Always In Love
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11 thoughts on “Two Years :: 1,463 Posts On Aquarium Drunkard

  1. congrats on two years. i regularly check this site often for the great music news and mp3s. great news about the radio show and continued success.

  2. Hey Justin, you rock. Happy two years, I consistently enjoy your posts and our “conversations.” Isn’t it funny how those two years in blogland puts you in, like, the top ten percentile of being around the longest?


  3. Happy 2nd birthday Mr. Drunkard. I check out your website every week without fail and am often surprised and/or delighted by your posts. Your blog is one of a small group of crowning jewels floating amidst a sea of millions of mediocre ones. Keep on choogling!

  4. Happy Birthday, always check in everyday. Just saw Wilco recently and Misunderstood is still as magnificent as ever!

  5. Congrats on two years. It’s funny about that “I am an Aquarium Drinker” line, when I first saw a blog called An Aquarium Drunkard, I clicked immediately up figured that I’d love the site. I was right. Keep up the great work, as always.

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