Funk 45s from the Alligator State, 1968-1975


The heavy duty funk and soul archeologists, Now-Again Records, return with their latest compilation Florida Funk – Funk 45s from the Alligator State, 1968-1975. Researched & compiled by Gerald Short, Malcolm Catto & Angelo Angione, this twenty-two track collection is the third in the UK based Jazzman Records series that also put together the acclaimed Texas Funk and Midwest Funk comps.

Like it’s predecessors Florida Funk digs deep and unearths nuggets that have, in many cases, never seen the light of day in terms of a CD or digital release, i.e., these are old school funk and soul jams previously out-of-print and only found scouring used vinyl bins.

MP3: Carrie Riley & The Fascinations :: Super Cool
MP3: The Universals :: New Generation
Amazon: Florida Funk – Funk 45s from the Alligator State, 1968-1975

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2 thoughts on “Funk 45s from the Alligator State, 1968-1975

  1. Thanks for putting this one on my radar. Time for another trip to the record store….

    This label is the absolute shit. Along with the Midwest and Texas funk comps, they’ve also put out one called Kashmere Stage Band, Texas Thunder Soul 1968-1974. It’s a collection of singles and live tracks from a super funky Houston-area High School band. Incredible. Thanks again, Aqua Drunk.

  2. I just wanted to put in my thanks as well because where as I dig this kind of music (old school soul/funk/R&B), I haven’t listened to much beyond mainstream compilations. I had never heard of this label before, but after hearing the sample tracks you posted, I ordered this CD you featured (Florida Funk), plus three others. Thanks for getting me hooked! (No, really… Thank you! 😉 )

    Also, thanks for putting time and quality content into this website for us music aficionados that might miss some of this rare/obscure stuff!

    – T-Bone

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