page-france-telephone.jpgPage France create from a whimsical musical palette that that very few can pull off, and rarely pull off so well at that. Think dreamy and surreal shades of folk-pop tied together with the string that is leader, Michael Nau’s, songwriting.

Here on their third proper LP, entitled And The Family Telephone, Page France find themselves expanding on the sound of 2005’s excellent Hello, Dear Wind, an album that set the blogosphere on fire, and managed to land itself on more than a few best of 2005 critics year-end lists.

Having moved from their original label, Fall Records, to their larger new label home at Suicide Squeeze, the band demonstrate that religious imagery and spiritual content within art need not be heavy handed. In fact, such attributes have long been one of Page Frances more endearing qualities.

The understated chamber-folk made up primarily of acoustic guitar, organ, glockenspiel, bass and light drums allows the songs to open up around Nau’s lyrical storytelling, which remain at the forefront throughout the album. The infectious subtlety will leave you humming these tunes long after the last track has ended. And is that not the measure of lasting art?

Also: Page France’s Nau and Whitney McGraw have a great side-project called The Broadway Hush. Listen to their cover of “Tonight You Belong To Me.” Gives Steve Martin a run for his money.

Elsewhere: The Stereogum gang features Page France on their ongoing ‘Quit Your Dayjob’ feature

Page France :: Hat And Rabbit
MP3: Page France :: Mr. Violin And Dancing Bear

MP3: Broadway Hush :: Tonight You Belong To Me
Amazon: Page France – And The Family Telephone ++ ++

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3 Responses to “Page France :: The Family Telephone (Released)”

  1. I’m really like this stuff..I heard you play it yesterday. I’m happy you did a post on it cause I was gonna wait until you did your post of what you played on Wednesday. Now I don’t have to wait!

  2. I’m so excited for this album!
    I loved the last one, and their EP’s were just okay… so I’m hopping this one really gets that back to form!

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