Augie March :: Moo, You Bloody Choir

augie-march.jpgAugie March are finally releasing Moo, You Bloody Choir here in the States in August. I’ve had a copy of the Australian group’s 2006 LP for nine months, but have been hesitant to write about it on these pages, as the going import rate at Amazon is a hefty $26.00 all the way to $66.00 for the original AU issue.

While the band has made critical waves here in the past, they have yet to catch on with an American fanbase the way they have in their native Australia and in Europe. Moo, You Bloody Choir’s U.S. release seems poised artistically, and on a PR front, to possibly crack the coveted market.

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Show Notes: If you’re in Los Angeles or NYC, Augie March will be performing (tonight) May 14th (@ Spaceland) and Monday May 21st (@ Mercury Lounge) in support of the U.S. release date.

MP3: Augie March :: One Crowded Hour
MP3: Augie March :: Victoria’s Secrets

Video: Augie March :: One Crowded Hour
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2 thoughts on “Augie March :: Moo, You Bloody Choir

  1. Hey – excellent to see some Augie March love shown on some blogs…

    These guys are fantastic, and deserve all the praise the get – a truly great band that has been around for close to a decade, maybe more…I have a lot of their singles / EPs, and all 3 LPs.

    Further, Glenn Richards (lead singer) has put out a solo EP under the name of ‘Glenn Richards and the Dark Satanic Mill Bros’ – it is worth checking out also…

    My fav tune of theirs is called ‘The Moth Ball’, from the Waltz EP released circa 1999 or something…awesome track, inspired even…

  2. Oh no way I say moo to everything to me is like saying shove it and being ladylike at the same time. My parents hate it but I can tell them that Augie March says Moo, You bloody Chior and it will be awesome and they will hate it .

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