elliott-smith-new-moon.jpgSunday afternoon, I had a chance to pick up the new two disc, posthumous, Elliott Smith release New Moon, and, as expected, it is comprised of excellent material. Unlike 2004’s From A Basement On A Hill, New Moon is culled from Smith’s early-mid ’90s lo-fi material that did not make the proper albums of the era.

Compiled by Smith’s friend and producer, Larry Crane, the set truly feels as if it’s an Elliott album, and not a random, haphazard, collection of tracks. Such cohesion is a rarity in most cases with projects of a similar nature.

Crane’s technical notes: “Except for the special case of “New Disaster”, where independent instrumental and vocal takes were combined, all songs are presented as tracked by Elliott, and every effort was made to check stereo placement, track levels, editing ideas, arrangement ideas and the overall feel that were present in his rough (or released) mixes. In many cases remixing was simply an attempt to make the elements of the song slightly more legible, and in other cases to reduce the background tape hiss. In no way is this album simply a product of the studio in 2006 – it is a collection of songs, any of which could have easily been included on his albums of 1995 or 1997.”

MP3: Elliott Smith :: Angel In The Snow
Elliott Smith :: Thirteen (Big Star cover)

Video: Elliott Smith :: Interview with Janeane Garofalo
Amazon: Elliott Smith – New Moon

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7 Responses to “Elliott Smith :: New Moon”

  1. Thanks, finally picked this up. Nice choices

  2. […] Holy crap, Elliott Smith speaks to us from beyond the grave! It’s like a musical Ouija board, only you don’t have to cheat to keep it from being a complete waste of time. (An Aquarium Drunkard) […]

  3. beautiful tracks- grazi.

  4. […] Elliott Smith, TV and the Bowls Club At the moment I am listening to Confusion, a collection of unreleased live songs by Elliott Smith. It is a really great collection of his songs which have never been released and the sound quality is amazing. Pure Elliott. I hope to get the new album New Moon when I go to work on Saturday, I have listened to a few songs off it on various MP3 blogs and the album’s myspace and I am very much waiting to listen to the 2 CDs through. […]

  5. Funnily enough, I posted almost the exact same review of this album as you. Amazing how this album has affected everyone. Great review AD!

  6. Really good album! I like it! Just a short update with a special website of this album: http://elliott-smith-new-moon.info/

  7. Another cool blog spotted! Bookmarks & feeds added. Good day to you webmaster 🙂

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